Healthy home tips and tricks

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Healthy home tips and tricks

Realizing healthy home (1) this time gave the solution to my friend who wanted to bring home a healthy. A healthy home is not home that often sports. Rather house helps maintain the health of my friend.

Healthy homes is not always realized by expensive. With a few tips and tricks, man can realize a healthy home with ease. Here are some tips to create a healthy home for a friend.

Green-plants Healthy home tips and tricks

Add greenery in the house

According to NASA, ornamental plants is one of the best ways to improve air quality. One of the best plants for the chrysanthemum is considered capable of being absorbing pollutants. Chrysanthemum is scientifically proven to reduce indoor pollutants.

In addition, these plants are also ideal for people who suffer from allergies. Beautify your home with green plants can create a buddy had a good sleep. It gets better considering the plants release oxygen and better still if the plant is put beside the bed in order to improve the quality of sleep buddy.

snakeplant.Healthy home tips and tricks

Provide a special place charging

A study from Harvard Medical School found that the use of mobile phone or tablet at night before bedtime can disrupt circadian rhythms that lead to poor sleep quality that night. If you include people who bedtime browsing the internet and social media play as well as examining cell phone when you wake up, then worry about the health buddy. Because the light emitted from a cell phone capable of wreaking havoc internal clock sleep buddy.

A study from Harvard Medical School found that the use of mobile phone or tablet at night before bedtime can disrupt the quality of sleep a night. The solution is Buddy must make a special point of charging your phone or tablet outside pal room so as not to disrupt sleep patterns Buddy.

Change bedspread 1 Week 1 times
Dirty bedspread was a haven for bacteria and mites mattress, but often someone confused how often should you wash it. Philip Tierno, a microbiologist and pathologist origin of New York University Medical School said, bath towel can be used several times before the bacteria multiply. If Buddy can dry completely, then use a maximum of three times.

Similarly, the sheets can be washed once a week using warm water to remove lice or bacteria. If you have allergies, then the friend can wash it with warm water temperature of at least 55 degrees Celsius until clean.

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How buddy? easy not to realize a healthy home. There are many more easy ways to create a healthy home. Therefore stay tuned for info about home living, home design and anything related to home health buddy.

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