Yellow and Blue on a Charming Interior

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Yellow and Blue on a Charming Interior with other color

Yellow and blue for interior design

Not everyone is fortunate to have a partner who likes the same color as her favorite color. Problems can arise when decorating and home interior styling. You also experience this? Do not worry, because we have a lot of home decor solutions with color combinations such as turquoise, tangerine, black-green, black and white, and this time we provide interior design inspiration yellow and blue for those of you who loved the colors.

Yellow and blue are two colors that are rarely used because of their combination in the interior very collide. However, that does not mean you can not combine both in the interior of the house. Here’s inspiration and tips combines yellow and blue interior color that you can apply.

Yellow and Blue on a Charming Interior-Living-Room

Interior yellow and blue with a predominance of neutral colors
Neutral colors are a middle ground that both the blue and yellow colors can blend harmoniously. With the dominance of white and neutral colors such as grey, yellow and blue, the colors will not collide with each other too. In fact, the two colors will be fresh color combination between a pale neutral colors.

Yellow and blue interior is dominated by blue
The color blue is a color that supposedly can improve the creativity, hard work and success. This is why many companies are using blue as the main color logo. A study also showed that those who have a house with blue primary colors were more successful than other colors home owners. So, there is no harm in it if you use this color to the main color in the home. You need to keep in mind, you should choose a light blue color to make the room look bright and spacious. The dark blue color can be used for parts such as moldings and doors. Yellow color combination as complementary, such as the color of furniture or home accessories.

Interior yellow and blue with yellow dominance
Yellow is a color that symbolizes prosperity and welfare. Mastic as wall colors dominate the interior can also be done. Then, the color blue to accent color. Choose a soft yellow color, a vibrant feel. Vibrant colors that dominate can create boredom if taken continuously. As for the blue color accent can be selected from a wide range of tone, like dark or bright.

Yellow and Blue on a Charming Interior-bedroom-colors-photo

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Interior yellow and blue for the bedroom
The bedroom area is one of the most widely / commonly used in a day. Therefore, in order not to get bored with the same color, you should use a neutral color for the walls, ceiling, and floor. Meanwhile, a combination of blue and yellow colors can be placed in the room accessories, such as lamp shades and bedding.

Yellow and blue interior of diverse tone
Each color has a variety of different tone, as well as blue and yellow. In order not to collide, you can choose a color tone that is more compatible with each other, for example, tend to be blue or turquoise Tosca with pastel yellow that tend peach.

Interior yellow and blue combined with other colors
Any of us to feel like a color, it will look more attractive if there are other colors that join. In each room, you should not rely solely on the color blue, yellow, and neutral colors. You can also add other colors such as pink, brown, gold, and other colors. That way, the house will not seem boring from time to time.

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That’s ideas Yellow and Blue  on a Charming Interior, for inspiration view photo images below.

Yellow and Blue on a Charming Interior Pictures

Yellow And Blue Kitchen Ideas Charming InteriorYellow and Blue on a Charming Interior-Living-RoomYellow and Blue on a Charming Interior-bedroom-colors-photoYellow and Blue on a Charming Interior with other colorYellow and Blue on a Charming Interior 7Yellow and Blue on a Charming Interior 6Yellow and Blue on a Charming Interior 5Yellow and Blue on a Charming Interior 4Yellow and Blue on a Charming Interior 3living-room-Yellow and Blue on a Charming Interior
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